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We are a full-service auction company, preparing your household, estate or farm items from start to finish.

Our Services include:

  • Set-Up
  • Display
  • Selling
  • Clerking
  • Cashiering
  • Advertising

We perform all of the steps necessary for you to have a successful auction!

Things to do to get ready for an auction! Here are some helpful tips!

Be Prepared!  

  1. Familiarize yourself with the location of the auction. (Watch for Signs) You don’t want to find yourself lost on the morning of the event. .
  2. Will the auction be held indoors or out?  If it’s outside, you will need to be ready for the elements – think boots, umbrella, hat, sunscreen or mittens.
  3. Have cash or a checkbook on hand.
  4. Prepare boxes and packaging material.  Your new treasures will need safe transport.
  5. Early arrival insures a parking spot close to the sale.  You will undoubtedly make numerous trips to your vehicle to store your acquisitions.
  6. Get your bidding number.  Our staff will register you for the auction and keep track of your purchases.  They will be in a designated area.  They will ask to look at your driver license  and will take down your address and phone number.  Hang on tight to your number.  If you lose it, the finder could use it to purchase items on your dime.
  7. Locate the bathroom and the food wagon.  Visit each!
  8. Arriving before bidding begins allows you to adequately inspect items.  You’ll want to take a close look at everything you are interested in purchasing.
  9. All the fast talking and hand raising can be exciting.  Decide on a price you are willing to spend for each item. Keeping track of the items you have won is also helpful.
  10. Auctioneers have a certain call or way of speaking.  Listen carefully to exactly what he is saying.  You don’t want to end up paying $275 when you thought you were paying $75.   Special note: If the auctioneer holds up two items and says “choice”, the winning bidder will be given the opportunity to take one or both of the items.  If the both are chosen, the  winning bid amount will be paid for each item.  If the auctioneer holds up two items and announces “two times the money”, winning bid amount will be paid for each item and both must be taken.
  11. The auctioneer may group items together in a lot or sell a pile of items by the piece.   Listen and be clear on this before placing a bid.
  12. Quiet, patient observation of how other auction attendees bid and otherwise conduct themselves is always beneficial (and often entertaining).
  13. Bring your lawn chair.
  14. Lunch on the grounds

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